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Window Cleaning

We have invested in the most modern and efficient Pure Water Window Cleaning System on the market. This means that our customers are guaranteed a spot free and streak free finish every time!!! All of the dissolved solubles that are found in your home water supply such as chlorine, heavy metals and other such chemicals are all removed before anything finds its way onto your glass and frames.

With our extendable poles we are able to work safely from the ground and reach even the most challenging windows that would only be normally accessed by climbing ladders and working on the roof. Our current system allows us to reach over 6m which covers all double storey residential properties and commercial premises easily and most importantly, SAFELY!!!

Our window cleaning service includes all of the inside and outside of your glass as well as your screens and tracks

To make a booking or to obtain a free, no obligation quote for your upholstery cleaning, call us today on 0421 599449, or use our convenient contact form.

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