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How long will it be before our carpets or couches are dry?

Once we have finished the cleaning, the carpet /fabric will be just damp to the touch. The steam cleaning method that we use generally pulls out the vast majority of the moisture we use so that on average the areas we have cleaned will be completely dry within 2- 4 hours. In winter or on wet days we use blowers whilst we are there to accelerate the process and if windows can be opened to create airflow this will also assist the drying process

The kids have dropped Slime all over the carpets, can you get it out?
Don’t panic!!! Yes we can. Even when the product has been trod into the carpet and set hard we can fix it for you. We have the right chemicals on board and the knowledge to use them correctly. We can also remove similar problems such as chewing gum, blu tack, paint and candle wax.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
We generally recommend, as do most carpet manufacturers, that your carpets should be cleaned at least once every 12-18 months to maximise their life and look. This should be increased to every 6 – 9 months if there are pets in the home, heavy traffic in certain areas and regular spills of food and drink

Can you remove dog's urine stains and odor from my carpet?
Yes we can, our knowledge of products and there application allows us to deliver the ultimate clean up from pet accidents


Can you work evenings or weekends to meet our Requirements?

Our business operates 24/7. We understand that some of our residential customers want us there on the weekend when they are home. We also understand that many of the commercial businesses we clean for such as gyms, Retail shops and offices need us to work through the night so there is no interruption to their operations


Do Carpet/Upholstery Protectors Work?

Yes, but only when applied correctly, and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These products are an effective way to prolong soil and stain resistance and enhance carpet/upholstery performance.


Unfortunately some sales people exaggerate the effectiveness of stain protection and suggest to the prospective buyer that stain protection means the carpet or upholstery will never get dirty – which of course is not true. What is true is that protectors reduce the impact or soiling or spills on the fibres. Protectors create an invisible barrier that minimises the impact spills and soiling. This allows you extra time to remove the offending substance before permanent damage or staining occurs.


Will carpet cleaning remove ALL spots and stains?

Probably not all. It depends on whether it is a spot or a stain, what type it is, what has been done to it and how long it has been there . 

A spot is a substance that has stuck to the carpet fibre and importantly has not become permanent. 

A stain is a substance that has altered the fibre colouring (dye has changed) and/or the fibre composition (burn, tear, heavy scuff). If treated incorrectly or left for too long, as spot will probably become a stain. Many stains cannot be fully rectified without fibre replacement by a carpet layer. 

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